About Us

How we begin

Our humble beginnings sprouted from a desire to make learning fun for even the smallest children. Founded by parents, the BoBaby brand seeks to cherish those moments that pass all too quickly. We felt how quickly our little ones grew up, which is why we want to build tools that support a carefree learning experience for other babies and toddlers. We use only the safest materials from sustainable sources to create quality products for young families.

Our approach

While developing our products, our process involves standing in our kids’ shoes. It is crucial to think about parents and how to make their lives easier. But for us, how the child feels is the most essential. Through extensive user research, we have proved our ideas to be fun and safe, so we know that kids interact with our Snail Snacker as we thought they would. That’s how we created the Snail Snacker, the best kids’ snacker box for babies and toddlers everywhere.

Partner with us

At BoBaby, we aim to tackle all the little things that have stopped us from having a good time with our kids. Though they are often stressful, meal times can become the best time of the day with the right tools, like a colorful snail snack pack for your kids to enjoy. No more asking them to finish an entire bowl of a dish they don’t like—our lunch boxes let them explore their taste buds with a variety of foods.

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